Cadillac takes you into the tech world

In the past 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, the Cadillac XT6 model from SAIC-GM was officially released. It is a new medium-sized SUV launched by the Cadillac brand. The overall positioning will be between XT5 and Escalade. It will become the highest-end luxury SUV model of the SAIC-GM Cadillac brand.

In terms of appearance, the Cadillac XT6 model continues the American classic luxury car elements that its brand inherits. The whole car line is strong and powerful. The headlights are relatively slim, and the daytime running lights with the iconic vertical design style are used. It looks very futuristic.

Cadillac takes you into the tech world

At the same time, Cadillac also released the “MyCadillac Super App at the fingertips”, connecting online and offline services after the sale, and taking the lead in innovative practice on luxury models.

The Cadillac booth, in addition to the first appearance of the XT6, is also the first of the Chino Tira flower machine, coffee machine and robotic arm. The coffee machine controls the coffee machine to make coffee, and sends instructions to the pull flower machine to complete the pull flower. , made Cadillac exclusive coffee for the audience to enjoy.