• How to choose Coffee Printer?

    Coffee printer is more and more popular in recent years, there is no real analysis article on the market to tell consumers how to choose, how to distinguish performance. At the same time, many manufacturers have occupied various platforms through the way of spreading the network, and through false propaganda, consumers have mistakenly believed that their performance is exactly what they say. Of course, As I’m engaged in the coffee printer industry, writing this article may be said to be unfair, but in order to avoid suspicion, I will only introduce product performance and teach you how to judge its performance.

    FAQ June 26, 2019
  • How to get From Hongkong to Shenzhen (the best way)?

    how to get from hongkong to shenzhen, I thought this is normal question when you first time come to Shenzhen from hongkong.

    FAQ June 24, 2019
  • How to start with CINOART Coffee Printer?

    This page will show you all things you will see when you open the package of CINOART PRO Coffee Printer, and it shows how to use CINOART PRO.

    How To Use CINOART June 24, 2019
  • About Our CINOART Coffee Printer Factory

    This is our factory which has more then 20 years experience in manufactore.and they are also make some other kind products for word’s brand.

    factory, FAQ June 23, 2019
  • Are You the Manufacture?

    Yes, we are the manufacturer.We are located in Shenzhen,China. In fact, We have specialized in coffee printer field since 2016. For the past 3 years, we just sale in the mainland of China, as last version with low speed,low resolution, and the most important thing is that the cartridge is not stalbe. After 3 years development, now, we have rich connections in China for this field. And CINOART PRO is our newest product with high speed,high resolution, and it’s stable, so we start the oversea market after CINOART PRO came out. At present, we have roughly 80 workers in our factory. 50 for production and assembling, 5 for packaging and the rest ones for quality control, material purchasing, and some internal work. Many brands had a good cooperation with us, such as Budweiser(China), Guinness (China) , BMW (China) , VOLVO.You can click here to know more about our factory. We are happy to be your…

    factory, FAQ June 23, 2019