How to start with CINOART Coffee Printer?

When you get CINOART PRO and open it, you will find it like this as below:

coffeeprinter,3d coffee printer
Unpackage of CINOART PRO

1 cartridge, 1 power adapter, 1 CINOART PRO,you just need to perform as below:

  1. Remove the Red Bondage;
  2. Connect the power adapter with CINOART PRO on it’s back.
  3. Power on CINOART PRO, and install the cartridge on the top-back of CINOART PRO,and input the cartridge No. in setting page.
  4. Scan the QRCode in setting page, access to a webpage and upload a photo.
  5. Put a cup of Coffee or Beer on the elevator, choose the photo you want to print.
  6. Wait about 15 seconds when it finish.
  7. Enjoy your drink.

Also you can watch the video on Youtube to show you how to use it.