How to choose Coffee Printer?

Coffee printer is more and more popular in recent years, there is no real analysis article on the market to tell consumers how to choose, how to distinguish performance. At the same time, many manufacturers have occupied various platforms through the way of spreading the network, and through false propaganda, consumers have mistakenly believed that their performance is exactly what they say. Of course, As I’m engaged in the coffee printer industry, writing this article may be said to be unfair, but in order to avoid suspicion, I will only introduce product performance and teach you how to judge its performance.

Product performance of Coffee Printer:

For the single color Coffee Printer, regarding the performance of its products, many articles on the Internet say that they can make the photo in 10 seconds. Is that true? The reality is cruel, because even ripple maker who made the first single color coffee printer could not achieve this performance.

Of course, for their 10 seconds to finish, there is a reasonable explanation, that is, making a small pattern, specifically a 4 cm diameter pattern, but I believe that the cups used by everyone will not be 4 cm in diameter. CINOART PRO guarantees the finish printing in 15 seconds, and its performance can be tripled compared with the old version. According we use the same type cartridge as the ripple maker, thus ensuring the speed and resolution. It can be seen through the following pictures. The ink cartridges used in the CINOART PRO are different from others, so if you want to purchase coffee printer, only needs to ask which type of cartridge they use, and can judge the true and false performance description:

coffee printer cartridge

Here is a video to show the performance of CINOART PRO compare with other brand, which use the left cartridge: