CINOART Coffee Printer Video – Before Power On

CINOART Coffee Printer adopts the structure of the 3D printer, so it is necessary to fix the internal movable part during transportation. And the coaster is placed in the central groove of the lifting platform in order to place the cup.

Two fixed methods are mainly used:
1. It is fixed by the strapping tape at the left front of CINOART. Although the method is reliable, it cann’t be reused, and the fixing method is somewhat complicated;
2. The threaded rod is fixed on the back of the CINOART. The method is simple and reliable, and can be reused. The specific operation is as follows:
a. Remove the threaded rod above the back
b. Place the removed threaded rod in the hole below the top hatch

Key points: Be sure to fix the internal movable part during transportation to reduce the internal damage by transportation.