CINOART Coffee Printer Video – Upload Photo and Save Photo

After connect WIFI and install capsule, here after we will upload photo.

The main steps as below:

  1. Go to “setting page”, scan the QRCode on the right-down corner.
  2. Access to a webpage, there are three function “Image Library”, “Hand Drawing”, “Upload Image” to send photo.
  3. If you choose “Upload Image”, you can choose photo from cellphone.
  4. After you choose image, you also can adjust the lightness and contrast of photo by click right-up corner of the webpage.
  5. And click send to upload photo.

And then click the photo from the screen of CINOART, and start printing.

How to save photo in CINOART?

If we want to save photo(such as logo) uploaded in CINOART, we just need to long touch the photo for 3 seconds until a lock appear on the right-up corner of the photo, it means this photo has been saved.

If we want to remove the saved photo, we can click the photo, and in the next page to delete it. Or long touch the photo again, until the lock disappear.